Classic Motor Vehicles Exempted From Annual MoT Test

Classic motor vehicles are to become exempted from the yearly MoT examination, the Government reported today.

From November 18th  this current year, people who own classic motor vehicles produced prior to 1960 won’t have to take them in for an MoT, Highways Minister Mike Penning stated.

Pre-1960 registered classic motor vehicles make-up about .6% of the final number of registered motor vehicles in Britain, but are linked to just .03% of highway accidents and injuries.

Mr Penning explained: ”We are focused on eliminating bureaucracy which costs drivers money with out supplying substantial overall rewards.

”Owners of classic motor vehicles and motor-bikes are usually fanatics, who retain their vehicles properly – they don’t have to be told to maintain them, they’re out there in most weather conditions looking at the healthiness of the engine, tyres and body-work.”

He added: ”Owners of classic motor vehicles will nevertheless be lawfully required, to make sure that they are secure as well as in a suitable condition to be the highway, but scrapping the MoT examination for such vehicles can save car owners money.”

The choice comes after a campaign through the All-Party Parliamentary Historical Vehicles Group, brought by E. Yorkshire MP Greg Knight, its chairman.

Mr Knight stated recently, “I am thrilled at this announcement. Incidents regarding historical and classic motor vehicles are incredibly rare, and the bulk of owners are scrupulous in maintaining their vehicles in great condition. “Having a 12 monthly MoT examination for a vehicle which might only travel a couple of hundred miles each year was expensive and ridiculous.”

AA president Edmund King stated “Reducing the bureaucracy of the MoT need for classic pre-1960 vehicles is really a triumph for common-sense.”

Article courtesy of The Saab Specialist Register

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