Buying a Mercedes Benz 500?

Are you thinking of Buying a Mercedes Benz 500?

Here are a few pointers when looking to purchase a Mercedes 500.

The Mercedes Benz 500SEC was launched in 1981it was the flagship of the fleet. As a Coupe the Mercedes SEC is well known to most as the C126, although in practice it’s fair to say that most enthusiasts often forget such technicalities. The customers for the new Mercedes SECs would include company directors, football players, managers and the odd millionaire who were after something more subtle than the Rolls, – nowadays they are seriously cheap money for what get.


Mercedes panels are in fact C126-specific; definitely no saloon skins here. The wheel trims as well as the alloy wheels were carried over though – but the general style is similar to the Mercedes 4 door variants. The ribbed rear lights were in fact designed to stop accumulation of dirt, and the little shields in front of the doors handles stopped them leaving filth on the hands of drivers hands. The A pillars are braced into the bulkhead using steel rods, this method ensured the car would be solid enough to take B-pillars; exactly the same as every Mercedes coupe made since the 1960`s. Now the rear screen seal has a weak spot, this causes rotten very bulkheads and many leaks, just open up the boot of any Mercedes car you go and see, look under the back window! While you`re at the back, you may aswell look at the rear screen itself. They are available, but at a premium price.


Mostly powered by the 5.0L version the Mercedes M117 V8, but the 500SEC is enough for most drivers. Mercedes owners mostly report that the engines easy to maintain, are very reliable, and the diagnosis of issues is straightforward. Mercedes spares are very available from any Mercedes Benz dealer, but Mercedes will not come cheap. If you`re running a Mercedes126 on a tight budget I advise that you find an Independent Mercedes specialist. If your Mercedes car has its original plastic radiator, the chemicals that are used in coolants will damage it. Most will have had their radiator replaced, either way, it’s the top hose neck that`s known to fail..

Running Gear

Although the SECs never actually got the hydro-pneumatic suspension, and the swinging caliper brakes that are quite unique to Mercedes SECs, most of the other mechanical parts can be shared with the W126 range. This means they are both tough, and very easy to source parts. While the steering ratio was in fact altered so there was a more engaging feel to it, the steering components are also interchangeable.


Not very much wood, but there`s lots of leather – do check every single inch for any nicks, tears, or damage. Re-trims don`t come cheap. Many Mercedes cars actually came with the velour trim, which is far less desirable, but it`s far less prone to tears. Mercedes C126`s are stacked full of toys – but make sure that it all works; the  broken gadgets will cost, trying to put back how it should was. Mercedes Dashboards are in fact shared with the Mercedes W126 saloons, who`d of thought? Although the rev-counter did replace the analogue clock in the Mercedes saloon models. The seats aren’t common to the Mercedes saloons, so with the fronts that feature pneumatic locking to hold the rear squab up while the vehicle was moving, aswell as fully electric operation. Most were actually trimmed in the velour material, but leather trimmed Mercedes is a much easier car to sell later on.