Guide To Used Mercedes A-Class (2012-2018)

A Guide To Buying Used Mercedes A-Class (2012-2018)

With the Mercedes’ three pointed star badge sitting proudly on its nose, the sculpted design with an interior lushly covered in artificial leather, the Mercedes A-Class is just a really posh Ford Focus.

But now, it’s been replaced by an all new Mercedes A-Class. But this version`s only available as used, a real family hatchback that`s promising high tech luxury, like the rivals Audi A3, the BMW 1 Series, and the Volvo V40.

Just like a sleek striped Paul Smith leather wallet, the big but small Mercedes does appeal to the buyers, who can actually justify spending a little bit more, just for its style and its premium feel.

That is why it`s coming well equipped, and as you can choose many varied options, including the glitter ball effect grille. As well as a dozen alloy wheel designs, or bonnet stripes, and even two tone leather seats. All of which make the Mercedes car a lot more personalised and very individual.

All this means, the Mercedes A-Class isn`t really aimed at buyers in the car market looking for a versatile, and very good value for money family car. It’s not say as practical as many cars the same size. There’s even less space than the Vauxhall Astra, or even the Skoda Octavia in the back.

The Mercedes A-Class does also have a much smaller boot than most rivals, that`s including the Mazda 3, or Hyundai i30as well as the Renault Megane. It`s also way more expensive than them all. With most 3 year old cars, still costing a lot more than the magic £10,000. However, the Mercedes` popularity does mean that it will hold its value very well, which will help cut the costs owning one.

Inside, the Mercedes A-Class does feel very luxurious, that`s thanks to its very realistic Artico leather and the soft touch plastics. The car has received some nice updates in 2015, of which some improved its technology and its reliability, but unfortunately the basic design`s not changed really since 2011.

It started to look quite dated a few years back, with that screen that looking like a very small sized tablet computer perched up on the dashboard, it`s from a time back then when the Apple iPad was still quite a novelty. But the software, which is controlled by using the rotary dial, is very simple and easy to use.

The rear seats, are very cramped in direct comparison to the healthy competition. The Mercedes` back doors are an issue, because they don’t open wide, so in getting yourself, or indeed a child seat out can be, lets say a little tricky.

Boot size, just a bit on the small side too. The quoted 341 litre load size area, is actually around the 400 litres mark, much smaller than even the VW Golf’s boot. But the opening is very narrow, which does make for fiddly, and frustrating if you’re actually trying to get in a very bulky box, or even a baby buggy.

Many Mercedes A-Class versions were really built to look sporty, and they come with quite firm suspension, which is designed to make the car more nimble in the corners. However, it doesn’t quite feel the same as say, the agile Audi A3, or the BMW 1 Series, although the suspension gives a bumpier ride. This effect is worse with the much sportier Mercedes AMG Line up.

The Mercedes A-Class was actually given a top five star safety score from none other than, the independent Euro-NCAP organisation in 2012 when it was launched.  It makes this model the safest hatchback of its era.