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Independent Mercedes Tuning Specialists In Warwickshire



Mercedes-Benz tuning and performance upgrades from VIEZU are designed to deliver super smooth fast acceleration, building with strong power and torque through the rev range, delivering pure driving thrills and pleasure. Both the Mercedes Diesel and Petrol engines are capable of significant gains in power up to and above 100bhp just from a software upgrade in some cases. VIEZU tuning, is live, custom and bespoke to you, your car and any modifications you have.

From Fuel economy tuning, to track day motorsport tuning, EGR, DPF, AdBlue, popping and banging and fault code and function disable tuning

Mercedes-Benz Gearbox tuning, exhaust systems, and performance updates are also available from VIEZU in the UK, and through the VIEZU dealer network in over 78 different countries.