Mercedes SLK Future Classic?

The Mercedes SLK was unveiled as a concept car at 1994 Turin show, it would be November 1996 when the production car arrived in the UK.

There was at first only a 193bhp Mercedes SLK 230K, and things stayed that way right until Feb 2000, that’s when the SLK 200K and SLK 320 were joined to the range, thus offering 163bhp & 218bhp respectively. The SLK 32 AMG in August 2001 really put some welcomed zest into the Mercedes SLK range though, with the 354bhp supercharged V6 monster.

Now, In July 2004, the second generation SLK had reached showrooms, but before then, Mercedes unleashed a few limited-run vehicles but used the least imaginative names. June 2002 saw the Limited Edition, now with the 7.5×17 alloy wheels, black soft nappa leather and gorgeous brushed aluminium trim for the interior. This was also followed by a Special Edition in the January of 04, with then 16″ alloys, grey / red nappa soft leather and again the brushed alloy detail inside.

The majority of the SLK models have four supercharged cylinders; as a result there is a favourable balance in the fuel economy without performance loss. But the desirable SLK320, with 3.2 litre V6, is worth looking out as it sounds more muscular and offers more low down torque without much of a hit in fuel consumption.

Whatever variation you go for, you`ll get the anti-lock brakes with all 4 discs for ample stopping. As well as a surprisingly comfortable drive / ride, considering the Mercedes SLK’s relatively small size. Combine the tin top security when the roof is up, and the driving experience you only get with proper convertibles. In reality the Mercedes SLK offers the best of both worlds, but for MG Midget money.mercedes classic slk picture