20MPH – Speed Specific Zones

Driving organisations struck back again on the spread of 20mph speed specific zones, they declare that it will make frustrated drivers drive poorly.

The Independent revealed today that thousands more drivers will encounter lower speed restrictions with all the spread of the slowdown speed specific zones that currently are employed in a number of major cities including Liverpool, Bristol, York, Newcastle upon Tyne and areas of Greater London.Speed Specific Zones

In spite of the rise in popularity of low-speed specific zones in residential regions, that have been supported by 62 % of men and women in a survey for The Independent, motoring organizations advised of a driver backlash situation.

Keith Peat, spokesperson for the Alliance of British Drivers and an ex- traffic police officer stated: “20mph speed specific zones will probably be counterproductive and make a lot more accidents. What you are going to get is motorists driving a car to the speedometer. It’s actually better that motorists drive as to what they’re witnessing outside of the vehicle rather than what their speedo needle says.”

Other people have welcomed multiplication of 20mph speed specific zones as a means of decreasing the annual carnage on the highway. Labour’s shadow Transport Secretary Maria Eagle added in: “Cutting the vehicle speed to 20mph in built-up residential locations can help to save lives. Ministers will need to finally acknowledge that they are completely wrong to recommend a blanket increase in the motorway posted speed limit and effectively assist community authorities who wish to expand 20mph locations, not merely pay lip service to highway basic safety.”

Louise Ellman, who chairs the Commons Transport board, guarded the growing imposition of 20mph restrictions, but stressed there must be local discussion, especially with the police force, prior to new speed specific zones are set up.

“This is all about basic safety and sensible driving. It’ll make our highways more secure and much more usable,” she stated. “There is obviously popular support in this, but it is essential that there be community discussion regarding where exactly these speed specific zones are defined.”